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As a MindFrame Connect user, we’re thrilled to offer you exclusive access to resiliency tools from our expert partners across the ecosystem. If interested in learning more about a specific tool, please follow the links below to request more information from our team.

Everyone talks about physical fitness. Why not mental fitness? Just as you can go to the gym to strengthen your body, you can leverage the power of neuroplasticity to gain mental resilience, too. Recognizing this as an entrepreneur’s most essential trait, we’ve teamed with AIR to provide our users with a positive, proactive, and evidence-based way to build resilience through AIR’s digital pocket coach. Access any time, from anywhere, using your desktop or mobile device.AIR was designed with busy people like you in mind, to receive personalized coaching recommendations and build skills when it’s convenient for you. AIR’s evidence-based training curriculum paired with its modular delivery has been scientifically proven to develop key competencies that increase the probability of your entrepreneurial success.

Reticle has developed a practical set of tools for teams that are committed to building psychological safety. Their “BrainTrust for Teams” series provides users with 5 interactive workshops on how you can guide, support, and challenge your team to speak candidly, listen reflectively, and co-construct together. Whether you are a leader or team member, these workshops will empower you to start building psychological safety today. You’ll recognise opportunities for building psychological safety; gain insights and techniques in how to respond to these hot-spot moments; and learn step-by-step approaches to build psychological safety in systematic and concrete ways.

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