Mentee Competency Checklist

Framework curated by Meghann Coleman, Director at MindFrame Connect

What makes a good mentee?
Talk to different people and you will quickly find that everyone has a different definition of what makes someone effective.

At MindFrame Connect, we’ve done extensive research on this – speaking to over 150 mentors and mentees – and it became clear that there is a recipe for success.

To begin, a mentee must be willing to learn and be prepared to own the relationship. Beyond these points, an effective mentee needs a combination of the following:


  • Recognizing the value of the mentor’s knowledge, experience, and background
  • Ability to use the mentor’s time and efforts effectively
  • Openness to learn about mentor’s personal background and acknowledge how they bring different perspectives from your own (i.e. age, race, gender, sexuality, region)
  • Ability to connect on a personal level
  • Ability to offer constructive and respectful feedback to mentor


  • Openness to learn from others
  • Ability to identify gaps and ask for help
  • Willingness to receive and accept constructive feedback and offer feedback to mentor in return
  • Ability to filter advice and analyze the best path forward
  • Ability to reflect critically before and after meeting


  • Ability to lead the relationship: set the agenda, establish purpose of meetings, come prepared, own the follow-up, ask good questions, set goals, and take notes
  • Commitment to following-through and being accountable
  • Willingness to challenge mentor
  • Confidence to walk away from mentors who are not a fit
  • Openness to new ideas and different perspectives


  • Ability to articulate plans for growth and inspire mentors to support your journey
  • Willingness to set ambitious goals
  • Ability to identify when additional mentors may be needed
  • Ability to recognize when it’s time to end mentoring relationship and acknowledge mentor for their contributions
  • Commitment to pay it forward to future mentees!

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